QSMC & QCMC owns its continually development and growth to all the responsible and dedicated employees. Therefore, the company has established a sound and diversifying compensation and benefit system to reward employees for their efforts and hard work.

QSMC&QCMC living area can provide accomodation for more than 10 thousand employees. There are beautiful park, library, reading room, stores, postal banks, beauty salon, restaurants, Ping-pong room, football filed, basketball court, badminton court and other supporting facilities. Perfect supporting service and management are provied for empolyee to build the comfortable  and healthy environment, which is helpful for everyone's developement.

To enrich our employees’ cultural life and publicize corporate culture, the company offers various forms of club lessons and carries out a variety of club activities.

      Variety Shows

    The May Day Party, the Mid-Autumn Festival Party, the National Day Party, the New Year Party,  the Lantern Festival Party, the Frendship Party,  the Spring Festival Party and other shows.


    Fishing, swimming, long-distance running, ping-pong ball , table tennis, badminton, basketball, football, chess, singing, cooking, team challenge and other  competitions.

      Club Courses

    Professional teachers are employed to teach different instresting club courses, including dancing , martial arts ,arts, musical instrument  and beauty.  You have three chances to participate in the courses. Every course lasts three months. In addition, we set up research clubs, including programme PLC, low-voltage electrician, 3D printing,  bonded warehouse, sensor, flower club, tea art club, baking and so on.  Pass the examination,you will be rewarded a relevant certificate.

      Public Welfare Club

    Quanta Public Welfare Clubs (QSMC Love Club and QCMC Heart Club) hold activities several times every month, such as  environment  protection, moral literacy, civilized etiquette and blood donation. We organize colleagues to visit nursing homes, welfare homes and special schools. We expressed our sympathy , performed art show , provided them with haircuts and  medical consultation.Public Welfare Clubs carry out a warm activitiy and donate desks ,chairs,lecterns, teachers' desks, bags and sports goods to primary schools in remote areas such as Heilongjiang , Guizhou, Anhui, Gansu and Chongqing evey year.