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     The Taiwan-based Quanta Computer now has 3 manufacturing sites in China, including Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City, Quanta Changshu Manufacturing City, and Quanta Chongqing Manufacturing City, specializing in the production of notebook, PC, servers, cloud-based products, automotive electronics, etc. . With excellent production management and quality assurance technology, Quanta Computer provides customers with "high-quality, great competition" products and excellent services to build the worlds most competitive IT industry base.
     Quanta China Manufacturing Headquarters has formed strong manufacturing and resource integration capabilities, which has become important components of Quanta Computer. Established in 1988, Quanta Computer is one of the world’s leading notebook manufacturers.  Apart from being one of the Fortune 500 companies, we are also an important notebook ODM manufacturer in the world, with production and service locations across Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe. Our product lines are across information, communications, consumer electronics, and cloud computing areas. We also actively developing our main operational center in Taiwan, and integrate manufacturing sites in Americas, Europe, and Asia, thereby achieving our strong competitiveness in global manufacturing and sales.

QSMC(Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City)Built in March 2001, Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City (QSMC)is located in Songjiang in Shanghai, with seven subsidiary companies, including Tech Front, Tech Com, Tech Wave, Tech Lead, Tech Giant, Tech Trend and Song Yeh (Shanghai) Property Management. Their main products are notebook computers and cloud-based products. In the eleven years since its establishment, QSMC has expanded its personnel from 200 employees to more than 30,000.

CSMC(Quanta Changshu Manufacturing City)Built in 2006, Quanta Changshu Manufacturing City (CSMC) is located in Changshu the High-Tech Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. Its chief products are digital electronics. Thanks to Quanta’s advanced and experienced management, the production output, the output value and the total export volume of CSMC have broken numerous records. The Changshu municipal government has recognized CSMC as the Number 1 leader in modern industry and open economy, outranking similar enterprises in Suzhou.

QCMC(Quanta Chongqing Manufacturing City)Built in April, 2010, QCMC(Quanta Chongqing Manufacturing City)is locating in Chongqing Xiyong Micro-Electronics Industrial Park, mainly produces notebook computers. Construction of QCMC Phase I started in December 2010 and was completed in January 2012. The Phase II was built and put into operation in April 2012.