The Taiwan-based Quanta Computer now has 2 manufacturing sites in PRC, including Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City and Quanta Chongqing Manufacturing City.

Built in March 2001, QSMC(Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City) is located in Songjiang district, Shanghai, with seven subsidiary companies, including Tech Front, Tech Com, Tech Wave, Tech Lead, Tech Giant, Tech Trend and Song Yeh (Shanghai) Property Management. Their main products are notebook computers, automotive electronics and cloud-based products.

Built in April 2010, QCMC(Quanta Chongqing Manufacturing City) is locating in Chongqing Xiyong Micro-Electronics Industrial Park, mainly producing notebook computers.

Established in 1988, Quanta Computer is one of the world’s leading notebook manufacturers. In 2006, Quanta Computer was list in the Fortune 500  for the first time. Until 2023, Quanta has been ranked in the list for 18 consecutive years, and the latest ranking was 345th in 2023.

Apart from a significant role in the field of laptop, Quanta has extended business to Cloud Computing, enterprise network system solutions, mobile communication technology, smart home products, automotive electronics, intelligent medical, IoT, applications of AI market. Quanta has actively expanded business ,created new oppotunities and intergated related resources.

For more than 30 years, with the main axis of the layout of global market "Design in Taiwan, intelligent manufacturing,global operations and sales",Quanta has built effcient production bases in China, Thailand, and Mexico.

  • Chairman of Quanta ComputerBarry Lam

    Mr. Barry Lam is the founder & Chairman of Quanta Computer. He possesses the degrees of Bachelor & Master of electrical engineering of Taiwan University, experience in the industry over 40 years. He provides the positive tactical guidance for the development of Quanta Computer in research and design.

    Mr. Barry Lam obtains great achievement that he leads Quanta Computer to be one of the biggest laptop manufacturers in the world. At the same time, his company and he are affirmed by the global industry and won many of prizes because of his foresight in operation and management. He was elected by Business Week as “Stars of Asia” in 1999 & 2001. He won the prize of “annual global Top 25 Managers” by Business Week in 2002.

  • Vice Chairman of Quanta ComputerC. C. Leung

    Mr. C. C. Leung is vice chairman of Quanta Computer, one of the partner founders of Quanta Computer. He graduated from physics department of Taiwan University. He joint with Mr. Barry Lam established Quanta Computer in 1988. Mr. C. C. Leung possesses the relative experiences in R & D, manufacture and management over 40 years. He serves as GM of Quanta Computer in long-term and leads Quanta Computer to strong development. He also serves as the dean of QRDC at present, the supreme chief of advanced R & D in Quanta. Mr. C. C. Leung will draw up the future by continuing leading the technical team, help Quanta to expand existing competition advantages and to store up energy for progress in next stage.

  • Chairman of Quanta Manufacturing HeadquarterC. T. Huang

    Mr. C. T. Huang is chairman of Quanta Manufacturing Headquarter. He joined the company at the beginning of the establishment of Quanta Group in 1988 and served as senior VP. Quanta Group decided to invest in China mainland in 2000, Mr. C. T. Huang was appointed as chairman of QSMC, who in charge of preparation for construction and operation of QSMC. Quanta invested in Chongqing in 2010. Mr. C. T. Huang was also appointed as chairman of QCMC, who in charge of preparation for construction and operation of QCMC. Acting on the Quanta’s concepts of “truthfulness, goodness, perfectness”, “tortoise spirit(Down-to-Earth)”, “encourage potentials, unceasingly innovation”, he has led Quanta Manufacturing Headquarter to create one of the most competitive IT product manufacture bases in the world.

  • VP of Quanta Manufacturing HeadquarterElton Yang

    Mr. Elton Yang is the General Manager of Quanta Computer Manufacturing Headquarter. He is also the CFO and Senior Deputy General Manager of Quanta Computer Group.
    Mr. Elton Yang possesses Master degree and he is in charge of group financial  operation and planning, accounting and tax, investment strategy, legal issuse and risk control, and so on. He has assisted Quanta to build a sound financial and operation structure, laying a solid foudation for Quanta.

Quanta Shanghai Manufacture City (China/Shanghai)


 Address:No.68, Sanzhuang Rd., Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

Quanta Chongqing Manufacture City (China/Chongqing)


 Address:NO.18, Zongbao Road, Shapingba District, Chongqing, China

Our product lines extend across various fields in information and communications, consumer electronics, cloud computing, enterprise network system solutions, mobile communication technology, smart home products, automotive electronics, intelligent medical, IoT, applications of AI market, etc.