As a result of greenhouse gases, the earth's climate and environment are becoming worse andworse. As a member of the citizens of the earth, to fulfill the enterprise’s responsibility of protecting the environment and the earth, QSMC/QCMC are trying to do the following:

1. Committing to the QSMC/QCMC greenhouse gas inventory to master QSMC/QCMC greenhouse gas emission status.

2. In accordance with the inventory results, develop greenhouse gas reduction plan voluntary.

3. Continue topromote and support energy saving measures, sustainable management and fulfill the enterprise’s responsibility.

4. Compliance with government regulations for environmental protection, customer requirements andother relevant provisions.

With the growing impact of greenhouse effect,it is a trend for enterprises on the greenhouse gas to expose and reduction. In order to improve the corporate greenhouse gas accounting management, QSMC import ISO14064 management system, formulate relevant norms and approachessince 2011, and set up QSMC ISO14064 management system team in February of thesame year. After unremittingly efforts, QSMC was certified by ISO14064 in August of 2011;QCMC import ISO14064 managementsystem, formulate relevant norms and approaches since 2015, and set up QCMCISO14064 management system team in January of the same year. After unremittingly efforts, QCMC was certified by ISO14064 in August of 2015, which got a lot appreciative criticism of customers and related institutions.

Nowadays globalwarming is accelerating, and emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmospherefrom human life and the industrial production continue to rise. As members of society, their due responsibilities, and obligations to inventory and controlthe emissions of greenhouse gas. The production of this verification statements to illustrate the total emissions of greenhouse gases from the source of GHG emissions in Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City/Quanta Chongqing Manufacturing City and is to create a carbon reduction policy to achieve the target of thesustainable development of the energy saving and carbon reduction throughmastering the situation of the company’s GHG emission.

Download link:QSMC GHG Verification Statement.pdf

Download link:QCMC GHG Verification Statement.pdf