In order to promote energy saving, eliminate all possible source waste, strengthen the awareness of energy saving of all staff and call on all staff to participate in environmental protection, Quanta has developed a series of environmental protection initiatives, mainly with saving paper and electricity, promotes low-carbon life and low-carbon travel and so on.

In addition, the company has developed energy saving measures in various areas such as air conditioning conversion, heat recovery, lighting and compressed air leakage, and introduced energy-saving technologies, promoted effective energy efficiency measures, and the company has been able to achieve a certain amount of energy efficiency through the ISO5001 energy management system certification.

With the development needs of society, more and more green areas on Earth disappeared slowly, replaced by a large area of the industrial zone, residential buildings, and commercial areas. However, the progress of science and technology deteriorates our original green environment slowly and increases the pollution of the environment. In order to prevent the further damage to the nature, the manufacturing base of Quanta Group initiatives starting with ourselves, from the side and creating a new environment-friendly society. The company organized the tree planting activity on March 12 every year, which let us sow the green, sown civilization, believe that with the sunshine of the moral, the trees will be evergreen. In conclusion let us together try to make the sky bluer, land greener and water cleaner.