"Truthfulness, Goodness, Perfection, "Honesty Faith Love " is not only the Quanta's entrepreneurial spirit of China Manufacturing Headquarters, but the commitment to our customers, colleagues as well as to the society. Whether it is to provide products or services, we do everything for the pursuit of truthfulness, goodness, and perfectionness, we show honesty, faith and love for all corporate stakeholders, to be a corporate citizen with social responsibilities.

Since establishing our China Manufacturing Headquarters, Quanta has engaged in manufacturing laptops, servers, automotive electronics, etc., and we have witnessed fast and continuous growth every year in Shanghai or Chongqing. We have not only proven our excellence in the IT industry, but also demonstrated our commitment to responsible investment and corporate social responsibility. We are fully aware that the development of Quanta China Manufacturing Headquarters is closely related to the protection of the natural environment, the efficient use of resources and the expectations of meeting stakeholders’ needs.

Based on this concept, great attention has been devoted to corporate responsibility. We make tireless efforts to create green products, sustain green homes, ensure sustainable development, and enhance our employees’ quality of life. We import ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO50001 energy management system in product design, and manufacturing, in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations related to reducing air, water pollution and waste generation, reducing operating energy consumption and improving energy efficiency. We seek to minimize our environmental impact through education and training, and through implementation of the ISO14001 and ISO5001 system. We import QC080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management system, and strictly enforced of environmental protection requirements set forth in international environmental laws and regulations (for example: EU RoHS, China RoHS, Halogen-free requirements, REACH regulations, EuP Directive, etc.) as well as green products our customer s’ request. And by GP (Green Product, Green Products) and SDA (System Design Assurance, Quality Assurance System) laboratory testing to ensure product quality in line with the laws and regulations and customer requirements. At the same time, Quanta is also a member of the RBA, and bounded by the responsible business alliance code of conduct and norms of corporate social responsibility in the conduct of management.

Moreover, we are concerned about enhancement of the colleagues’ quality and sustainable development of our enterprise and develop a sound policy of the Occupational Safety and Health. Through ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, we strive to continuously improve the occupational safety and health, implement risk management, and strengthen the training of associates and their response capabilities, as well as comply with safety requirements and maintain the health of colleagues.

In the current economic climate, the survival and development of enterprises poses new challenges, but we will continue to uphold our commitment to social responsibility. We see a bright future in IT industry, as industry leaders, we will continue to benefit our employees, customers, and society with top products and services.

Chairman C.T. Huang of Quanta China Manufacturing Headquarter