EHS Organization and Responsibility

"EHS management review meeting" is the highest decision-making unit of EHS. The chairman of the board of directors convenes the directors of all functional units and manufacturing centers to conduct the EHS operation review of the company and put forward the future key directions.
The management division is the internal risk and EHS management unit of quanta. One of its functions is to be responsible for the research and planning of quanta on manufacturing production risk and EHS management, and to put forward relevant suggestions on the aspects of possible impact policy planning for management decision-making reference.
In addition to the decision-making and planning level, each plant has an EHS Management Committee, which is composed of department heads, Department coordinators, employee representatives and EHS teams, to discuss various EHS affairs in the plant. Each department head is the first person in charge of EHS affairs of his department, responsible for supervising and promoting EHS affairs within the Department. Each factory holds EHS management committee meetings every month to review the operation and set goals and directions.

Training and Publicity

EHS work is inseparable from the improvement of EHS awareness and active participation of every employee, so it is very important to carry out EHS education, training and publicity for employees. The company hopes to influence and drive every member around to participate in EHS work by improving employees' EHS awareness, so as to improve Guangda's EHS performance.

Quanta environmental health and safety training course starts with new employees. EHS training covers plant level, workshop level and team level, and accompanies employees from entry to formal work.

In combination with the operation of iso14001/iso45001, the company's EHS team has organized many trainings for employees, most of whom are specific implementers of EHS management or EHS work. Through the training for personnel engaged in specific EHS jobs, the company's environment and occupational safety and health policies have been implemented at the grass-roots level, the company's environment and occupational safety and health goals have been achieved, and the overall performance of environment and occupational safety and health has been continuously improved.

In addition to the employees, there are also contractors' personnel who work in the company every day. Due to the particularity of their temporary operations, there must be greater risks. EHS has developed a special management and control process, requiring that all contractors' personnel must undergo safety training before entering the company for operation. In case of emergency entering the factory under special circumstances, special personnel must accompany and supervise the whole process.

In addition, the company also holds internal special training courses and arranges employees to receive external training, such as fire-fighting skills training, first aider training, hazardous chemicals management personnel and operators training, iso14001& Iso45001 internal auditor training, etc.

The company's EHS management team makes every effort to use the company's network and other resources to carry out special EHS publicity. The publicity theme is clear and thought-provoking, and gives guidance to employees' specific behaviors in EHS work. In addition, make full use of the company's bulletin board, regularly post posters on the bulletin board to publicize EHS knowledge, EHS laws and regulations, etc. to strengthen employees' EHS awareness.

Project Management
  • Fire management: the company attaches importance to fire safety management, has a full-time fire brigade, and regularly holds fire lectures and drills to improve employees' fire emergency handling skills and related knowledge. The company also marks all kinds of fire-fighting equipment and control devices on site to facilitate employees' accurate identification and search.

  • Equipment management: in order to realize the production operation, the company applies a large number of equipment and facilities. In order to ensure the safety of equipment operation, the company has established a series of equipment safety management systems and adopted the methods of safety acceptance of new equipment to ensure that necessary safety measures are taken before formal operation. For special equipment and radiation equipment with special requirements, relevant certificates shall be obtained in accordance with laws and regulations, and operators shall be required to work with certificates.

  • Chemicals management: poor chemicals management may not only cause fire accidents, but also environmental pollution. Therefore, great attention is paid to the management of hazardous chemicals. The company shall conduct EHS risk assessment for newly adopted chemicals and determine control measures before use.

  • Waste management: waste recycling and disposal can not only save resources, but also protect the environment from pollution. The company continues to improve the recycling rate of packaging materials, and transfers the parts that cannot be recycled to resource recovery companies for papermaking and granulation to reduce the environmental impact. Hazardous wastes shall be handed over to qualified companies for disposal in accordance with regulatory requirements.

  • Health management: the company is always committed to establishing a healthy living and working environment for employees, providing continuous and comprehensive health care services through occupational health management, regular physical examination and follow-up management for employees suffering from infectious diseases, chronic diseases and other diseases. In order to pay attention to employees' mental health, the company has set up a psychological counseling room, set up a 17668 psychological counseling hotline, hired professional psychological consultants, and carried out enterprise EAP projects, including individual counseling, group counseling and training, psychological crisis intervention, analysis of EAP service reports, etc.

EHS Activities

In order to popularize the safety production knowledge and strengthen the safety awareness of our employees, the company takes the opportunity of the safety production month every year to carry out vivid and interesting safety activities to improve the safety knowledge and skills of employees through knowledge competitions, Carnival activities, on-site evaluation and other means, so as to achieve the effect of education in fun at the same time, the company has actively participated in safety activities and competitions organized by local institutions, and has won places and honors in the activities for many times.