Quanta computer group is a company engaged in the design and production of notebook computers, communications, home appliances and their components. Waste gas, domestic sewage and waste are the focus of the company in terms of environment. Upholding the belief of co-existence with the earth, all employees are committed to and make every effort to complete environmental policies in order to achieve the spirit of pollution prevention and continuous improvement.

Environmental Policy (ISO14001 environmental management system)

01、Through education and training and the implementation of ISO14001 system, employees or staff working on behalf of the organization will know that environmental protection is our responsibility and obligation.

02、Reduce air and water pollution and waste generation, and reduce environmental impact.

03、All products shall be designed and manufactured in strict accordance with relevant applicable laws, regulations and other requirements.

04、Set environmental goals and make continuous improvement.

05、Environmental issues shall be considered in product design, and low energy and low pollution shall be implemented.

Occupational Safety and Health Policy (ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

Compliance with laws and regulations, risk assessment, full participation, continuous improvement and zero hazard.

01、Continuously improve occupational safety and health

02、Implement risk management

03、Strengthen staff training and adaptability

04、Guide all employees to participate

05、Observe safety regulations and maintain employee health

06、Strengthen employees' awareness, responsibility and commitment to occupational safety and health